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Can ya Makan people from Poland, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Bulgaria met together in a small village called Coma-ruga to create this story.

We went blind by the mesmerising atmosphere but we found a way through it to the forest. We had to cope with different obstacles: monsters, dragons, spider nets; but the most important obstacle was trust.

We enjoyed amazing stories from Jordan to Portugal and from Egypt to Poland.

After the second sunrise we dove into diverse stories while finding ourselves into the culture of the others.

Together we were able to move past our ignorance related to children human rights.

To be continued…

Yasmine (Jordan), Rosa (Spain), Mohammed (Egypt), Theo (Bulgaria), Maria U. (Spain)

We felt supported by both trainers and other participants, so the group building process was really fast and effective. We ended up the day knowing a lot about each other and getting closer and closer.

The tools and activities that the trainers had prepared were very interesting and a wonderful know-how for our progress and development. We learned a lot of new things about analyzing stories and human and children rights topic.

Maria (Spain), Lora (Bulgaria), Sara (Portugal), Ozoz (Egypt), Dana (Jordan)

We have been working through activities in many creative ways and developing some skills which are going to help us work together. We gained some knowledge and information about human rights. And we are especially excited about hearing different types of stories and how they are connected to human rights. As for the intercultural evening we got the opportunity to share our tradition and discover the things that we have in common. We hope to continue this rhythm of exciting next days.  We are going to do our best!

Monika (Poland), Sarah (Egypt), Veni (Bulgaria), Eva (Spain), Ghaith (Egypt).

Hiba (Lebanon) and Barbara (Poland): I discovered that I have a childhood gap with children stories from my own culture.

Elisa (Spain): Us as middle term educators have the responsibility to hinder the gap of two generations on Human Rights education.

Hamza (Jordan): Story telling can deliver any message to anyone if it is written and narrated in the right way.

Kalina (Bulgaria): We are spiritual beings having human experiences, we are living in an ever changing world, I chose to participate in co-creating a better environment among us for everyone.


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