Reflections day 3 (2.04.12)   Leave a comment

The pieces of our learning puzzle are starting to come together, to form an inspiring and colorful picture.

Lora (Bulgaria), Sara (Portugal), Osama (Egypt), Dana (Jordan), Maria S. (Spain)


Course quote #1:

This fruit salad game is great, but I never remember where I left my stuff!

Hiba (Egypt), Elisa (Spain), Hamza (Jordan), Kalina (Bulgaria)


We worked really hard today in the case of the Human Rights. We realized that everyone has his or her own favorite exercises but we all have passion of working for human rights. We created the newspaper front page and we shared the news of our country with nearby countries. We discovered that all of our countries are in the same timeline but we are in different spots of that timeline. We enjoyed listening to other cultures short stories from the participations. The most interesting part was that we encouraged ourselves to tell stories in English. We have learned how to use the body language and voice as tools in storytelling. We are very excited for the next days because we are going to learn human rights and storytelling as a one topic because now we are learning those topics separately.

Monika (Poland), Sarah (Egypt), Veni (Bulgaria), Eva (Spain), Ghaith (Jordan)


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