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Training startsAfter some delays, finally the training we were all long expecting:

Training Course in Egypt: Can Ya Makan . . Human rights

Dates: 14th -20th December 2013

Description of the course:

The aim of the course is to promote human rights education through the use
and adaptation of stories (stories, myths, fables, etc..) As an inseparable
part of the heritage of the Mediterranean region. On the one hand,
participants, educators and artists as active in the world of childhood and adolescence, both in formal and non formal contexts (teachers and youth leaders) will not only increase their understanding of Human Rights and Rights of the Child, but will also develop specific skills of storytelling and the use of voic and language as a tool. On the other hand, during the course the
relationship between stories from different regions of the Mediterranean
area and the values of human rights will be identified, as well as tools for
human rights education and intercultural learning will be created to be used back in participants’ local realities.


The course is aimed primarily at educators active in the world of childhood
and adolescence, both formal and non formal education (teachers and youth
workers), with special emphasis on young educators working with groups at
risk of social inclusion and with fewer opportunities.

A total of 20 participants will take part in the course, coming from the Euromediterranean region,  from the countries of the partner organisations.

Financial conditions
Visa cost, accommodation and food are covered 100% for the entire duration
of the training course.

Participants will contribute with the 30% of the travel expenses; the 70% is covered by the project (with a maximum limit 420 Euros).


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