Association of Human Rights Educators (AHEAD) – CATALONIA (SPAIN)

The mission of the Association of Human Rights Educators is to promote human rights education as a requisite to strengthen the commitment towards a culture of peace, democracy and solidarity.

NC Future Now 2006 – BULGARIA

Through dedicated work with children and youth we help to reach positive change, we want to see in the world! To achieve this goal NC Future 2006 now organizes summer and winter camps, adventure trips, workshops and festivals in which children and young people accumulate a lot of useful experience while having fun.

Institute for  Leadership Excellence (ILE) – JORDAN

Non profit, non government entity that aims at cultivating a strong and vibrant figures in the community to be effective and achieve comprehensive and sustainable development politically, socially and economically. The institution focuses on institutional capacity-building for individuals and institutions through training programs, conferences,  workshops, as well as creation of partnerships with other institutions locally and regionally providing a platform for the exchange of experiences with a view to increasing knowledge and capacities that are enjoyed by the leaders of local communities by strengthening independent thinking, social tolerance, conflict management, rule of law, free dialogue, and leadership.

Sustinable Development Association (SDA) – EGYPT

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Alexandria, Egypt. It works on Sustainable Development on all the aspects of Social , Economic and Environmental having the youth as the main player in all our activities , we co-founded with other Youth NGOs the Egyptian Federation for Youth NGOs in Egypt which is an umbrella organization for youth NGOs in Egypt , as host the Youth Employment Summit Campaign in Egypt and the Arab Region as well we did several cooperation projects with various UN Agencies .

Mandacaru – Cooperative of social and cultural intervention – PORTUGAL

The main objective of the Cooperative is the realization of artistic, cultural and social actions in order to promote the art as means for education, training, human development and social and cultural inclusion for the community in general with special attention to groups with less opportunities.

Centrum Inicjatyw Mlodziezowych HORYZONTY – POLAND

The Centre for Youth Initiatives HORIZONS, is youth non-governmental organisation, a member of international network Youth for Exchange and Understanding. Our aim is to promote intercultural cooperation through both local and international projects. Thanks to them we involve youngsters from different social and cultural backgrounds. The another point of our work is to promote voluntary work and youth participation. We achieve our goals on diverse projects such as work camps, youth exchanges, training courses and other local project, for example thanks to cooperation with the orphanage.


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