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In the autumn of 2011 the four trainers in the team accept the invitation to TOTEM – Training of Trainers organized by SALTO EuroMed. The training is intended to promote international teams conducting training in the context of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. One of the results is Can ya makan… Human Rights!

Angie Haddad  (Institute for  Leadership Excellence – ILE) is a social activist who works with children, youth and families promoting the love of reading. Moreover, she is a youth leader and trainer in both EuroMed Youth Programme IV and Youth in Action Programme with the Institute for Leadership Excellence (ILE) – Jordan.

Ognian Gadoularov  (NC Future Now 2006) has been involved in the field of non-formal education for the last five years. He works actively for development and implementation of alternative educational models. Currently working as a trainer, mainly instructors who work with children and young people, he has expertise in communication and presentation skills, as well as in experiential learning and improving team performance. He also delivers interactive teaching and environmental education for children. Ognian also works as a leader in the International Award for Young People in Bulgaria.

Elena Díez Villagrasa (Association of Human Rights Educators – AHEAD) has been involved in the field of non-formal education since she was even a child, and as soon as she was allowed (with 17 years old), started as a youth leader. She got involved in international training in 2007 with the topic in Children’s Rights from that moment on she has not stopped working about and for them! She is one of the founders of AHEAD.Also around five years ago, she realised of her passion about children’s literature in all forms: storytelling, tales with illustrations, puppets…and has learnt a lot about it since then!

Haythem Kamel (Sustinable Development Association – SDA) is a youth activist who worked with several organisations at local and international level since a young age. He is being involved in the nonformal education and the Euro-Mediterranean youth cooperation for 12 years and now he is working as freelance for youth work in the Arab and European regions.


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